FOR SKEPTICS: I must have sat here for 5 minutes trying to think of what to write that would prove this is a real testimonial and not just the actual company posting a fake one. When they (Jake Bohall of Virante) asked if I would mind writing a referral he also told me not to include my domain (which I appreciate because I do not want my competitors finding out who we use) and with that said, since I can’t show you my site rankings, you can’t really verify what I write, so my word is all I can offer. 

Here it is: I will give you my honest story, which started with my company getting burned for thousands in 2002 when we hired a company named “keywordranking.com”. I had lost all trust in seo companies and never could bring myself to risk trying another. In 2007 I read a book about a young entrepreneur who took his internet company to millions in sales. I bought the book specifically for his insight on raising capital. I actually knew of the company the book was based off of, and I knew the author really did accomplish what he claimed. At the end of the book the author/entrepreneur offered his contact info for advice to readers. Shamelessly I took him up on it and asked for a recommendation for a trust-worthy seo company (since he mentioned his company had great seo and rankings success in his book). The author pointed me to Virante, the company they use. I would have never of just picked Virante out of thin air considering my seo experience in the past. Because I was recommended to them by what I felt was a reliable source though, I gave them a shot.

The result: Ask Virante, our key words and market are cut-throat competitive (think of trying to rank for something like ‘golf clubs’ and you’ll have an idea) but as I write this we are on the front page, and at times actually the #2 or #3 listing on the search engines during the month. The same would be true for several of our other target keywords (i.e. best golf clubs, used golf clubs, etc.) and it’s been like this for months!
They have worked magic! They got us there in about 2-3 months when they estimated 6 months with no promise of our biggest keywords. They were conservative with their estimates and amazing with their results. The only thing I would add that may have given us an advantage is that our domain has been around since 2002, and Jake our guy at Virante said that it would have been more difficult with a brand new domain.
Bottom line, you can trust them. I still don’t trust any seo companies, I feel like I got incredibly lucky finding Virante, and now you’ve found them too.
They will get the job done for you, I promise!



"I hired Virante Inc., a search engine marketing firm in Durham, N.C., to propel my Web site's ranking, which were nonexistent, to the top three for results on popular search terms for my industry including "apartments in durham nc", "durham nc apartments" and "apartments durham nc".  Virante achieved that goal!"

Jim Kitchen 
Managing Partner



I can't really express my relief and gratitude upon discovering we had found ourselves surrounded by and aligned with a tight-knit group of true professionals in their craft. There is a certain ambiance, a j'ne sais quoi if you will, which separates the artisan from the amateur.

I am comforted in the knowledge that Virante is on our team, has a vision of our business, an eager willingness to dive in deeper, and the wherewithal to bring our endeavors to successful conclusion.

In other words Virante is a bunch of really smart geeks who work hard and are on our side, and I could not be happier about it.


Jake was able to understand our exact needs and recommend the perfect Virante service to fulfill them. We've implemented what we learned from Virante to our great benefit. We'll use them again. I strongly recommend their services.

When asked to write a referral about Virante, there was absolutely no way I'd turn that down. New to SEO and the whole process, I was handed a project over and went out to venture into the world of SEO. I came across Virante who over the past 6 months have taken us from no where on search engines to hundreds of hits a day!! Jake and his team were on point and professional, helpful and there every step of the way. I'd have no problems using them again and telling everyone who may want their services that they are your best bet.

Hat's off Virante team. You're great.


We are so pleased with the services from Virante. They were the only web company who actually was able to get us higher in the search engines and all three of them at that. AND, they explained everything to us in a language that we could understand (we are not techie.) They also advised us on what we could do for ourselves, saving quite a bit of money. We are in a very competitive market, and we are on the first, second or third page for almost every key word that we wanted. These are key words of 68,000,000.. Pretty good! I always wanted to have an in with "Mr. Google" and now we have it!

Thank you Virante!

I worked with another SEO firm and they ended up getting my site algorithmically banned from Google. We were flat gone from the SERP's. I called Virante and within days had a meeting with the team. Over the last 6 months, Virante has fixed the issues and grown our organic listings unbelievably in a very competitive category. Not only would I recommend Virante to family, they flat out saved my job!! If you are lost, concerned, stumped, puzzled, mystified, or perplexed and have no idea why stuff is going on, you need to call Virante.


“Virante has helped us greatly increase our traffic and subsequent sales by optimizing our websites to the top of the major search engines. In working with them over the past two years our sales have skyrocketed and we have become a leading company in our industry.”

Brandon Milford
VP of Marketing
Broadwick Corporation


"Virante has helped me rank for literally thousands of keywords. Our affiliate program launched and managed by Virante now accounts for over $100,000 monthly sales in less than a full year of operation."

Shazad Shahnawaz


"I worked with Virante team members on some important global projects which they were very diligent and their expertise was very evident. Bob Misita was very responsive to our needs and exceeded my expectations. I have no problem recommending his team."

Sean Ludick
Global Director, Marketing


"Through Virante's expertise and knowledge my business is now ranking at the top of the search engines for our target keywords.  I have enjoyed working with them and look forward to using their services in the future."

Dustin Yu


"Just wanted to let all of you know what a great job you all did on the new and improved OAW Newsletter. It looked GREAT!! I appreciate everything that was done in order to get this launched. Your professionalism is super and your willingness to please the customer is refreshing. Congratulations! Thanks again and a huge 'thumbs up' to all of you."

Loretta Lanphier, ND, CN, HHP


"Virante has been a tremendous help to my business. They have taken the burden of marketing to the online world off my hands allowing me to focus on building other areas of my business. Their knowledge and execution has been both professional and timely. I will continue to utilize their services for the foreseeable future. I consider Virante my Online marketing partner and recommend them to any business interested in increasing their online sales."

Vivek Devas
www.backdropsource.com, www.backdropsource.co.uk


"If your business can benefit from search engine optimization or email marketing, hiring Virante for a speech or consult will get you there faster. I learned more from them in an hour than from every book I devoured and every seminar I attended on the subject this year. Anyone who knows their team, knows them as Internet marketing geniuses."

Scott Korbin
Lenders Insight


"Virante is an oasis in a desert of technical management companies present on the Internet today. It was my profound good fortune to have stumbled upon them at a time when my Internet business was stagnant. It is the people at Virante that make the difference. Their integrity, knowledge, and absolute dedication to my success hold them heads above their competitors. I truly do not think I would be in business today if it were not for Virante. Their business management excellence, superior customer response, and technical expertise made all the difference between success and failure."

Gracie Bowers
Home Biz Critic


"Our website was achieving poor results in the major search engines and receiving very little traffic. Soon after working with Virante we saw a major increase in the number of unique visitors to our website and subscribers to our e-newsletter, Email Marketing Chronicle. There’s no way we could have increased our traffic this quickly without the help of Virante."

Pierce M.




"I hired Virante Inc., a search engine marketing firm in Durham, N.C., to propel my Web site's ranking from "basically nonexistent" to the top three for results on popular search terms for my industry including "spring break trips", "spring break travel" and "spring break." Virante achieved that goal."

Jim Kitchen