Markup and Rich Snippets for the Little Guy


Just when you thought you were ahead of the game by implementing Authorship and/or Publishership, Google shook things up…again. In-Depth Articles are now a regular part of the search results for broad keywords and their visibility is so prominent, it’s quite an enviable position to have. The vast majority of these articles appear to be […]

WordPress In-Depth Article Markup Plugin

In Depth Articles Generator options box

NOTICE!!! A small bug in the plugin has now been fixed and a new version was uploaded to WordPress. If you previously installed the plugin, please check your plugin dashboard for an update notice.   We’re pleased to announce the availability of our FREE WordPress In-Depth Article markup plugin! Our In-Depth Articles Generator plugin, once […]

Zemanta Enhanced Linking Plugin for WordPress

Zemanta Image Suggestions

Already know what Zemanta is? Skip ahead to news about the new Enhanced Linking plugin. If you haven’t already heard, Zemanta is one of the most powerful WordPress plugins available both for enhancing your content and increasing its SEO value. The basic Zemanta plugin scans the content of your WordPress post as you type it […]