Mark Traphagen Interviewed by 97thFloor


Virante’s Director of Digital Outreach Mark Traphagen (Google+ | Twitter) was interviewed by Brandon Hassler of digital marketing agency 97th Floor. Brandon asked Mark questions about the following: Q. When many in the industry think about Google+ they can’t help but think of Mark Traphagen. What is it about Google+ that got you hooked? Q. Google+ officially […]

Google Plus 2012: Only the Beginning (Infographic)

Google+ 2012 Infographic

Google+ celebrated nearing the end of its first full calendar year as a social network by publishing this infographic displaying highlights about the network achieved in 2012: The infographic covers the following highlights and achievements of Google Plus in 2012: The rapid growth in users (500 million accounts / 135 million active users) The creative […]

How Facebook Is Silencing 57% of Your Fans


UPDATE: Facebook has now introduced an update for all mobile apps that includes a share button for posts from others in your news feed. Late to the game, but the problem described below is no longer a problem Imagine that your team is in the Big Game. It’s all on the line. The Championship is […]

Quora Views: Quora Gets Even More Social

Quora Question Views Page

Quora, Google’s community question answering service, has become even more social and interactive with the introduction of Quora Views. Quora describes Views as “a way to discover what Quora is distributing to people you follow in their feeds and digest emails.” Basically, it uses trending data from people you follow on Quora to give you a more “personalized” […]