Penguin Penalty Checker: Introducing Penguin Analysis

Penguin Analysis

New Penguin Penalty Checker Site Assess Your Google Penalty Risk Penguin Analysis is a new site that can help you assess how at risk your site might be for a Google Penguin penalty. It’s the latest innovation from our awesome link removal experts at Remove’em (the leading tool to automate much of the process of […]

Fast Integrated Keyword Data with UberSuggest, Google SERPs and GrepWords

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 9.19.55 AM

Ubersuggest on Steroids One of the exciting things about having access to good APIs is the ability to put data where you need it, rather than having to log into yet another service and mashing up the data in Excel. A popular research tool I use is UberSuggest which scrapes Google autocomplete and gives you […]

Google Plus Post Links Now No Followed by Google


According to Dan Petrovic of Dejan SEO, as of 5 January 2012 Google stopped following (for link juice purposes) links placed in posts on Google+. The primary link is still followed. This is the first link you put into a post on Google+ if you allow G+ to turn it into a rich snippet. Any other […]

Advanced SEO


Coverage of the Advanced SEO session on Nov 8, 2012 at Internet Summit featuring Melanie Phung from PBS, Mike King from iAcquire and Duane Forrester from Bing.

Google Disavow Links Tool Now Available


Big announcement moments ago by +Matt Cutts at #Pubcon Las Vegas : Google is today introducing a backlink disavowal tool in Webmaster Tools to allow sites hit by manual ranking penalties to disavow bad backlinks they have been unable to remove. Matt Shared some tips and cautions for the tool: Be careful, Don’t use unless you are sure you neeed to. Google […]

The Best Search Engines Today Aren't Search Engines

Zite curation process

I was reading social media news posts in an iPad app I’ve used every day for the past year, when it suddenly struck me. What I was doing at that moment just two years ago I would have been doing with a search engine. The app is Zite. It spiders out through my social networks […]

The Myth of the Relevant Link


It is a growing conception of the SEO world that getting links from highly relevant pages is no longer just valuable, but necessary in order to rank. I am by no means the only SEO to doubt the veracity of these claims (here is Michael Martinez and Julie Joyce on the issue in 2007), but despite their […]

Google Webmaster Tools Updates its SEO Report Ranking

Google Announces an Update to the way it calculates average ranking in webmaster tools reports

Google announced, via its Webmaster Central Blog, that it was making an update to the “Top Search Queries” data.  Beginning today, Google Webmaster Tools Top Search Query report will take the average of a site’s top URL rankings for a query versus an average of all results for a site’s URLs on a given query. […]

Low-Risk, High-Reward Link Development

Russ Jones

Yesterday Virante’s CTO Russ Jones (Twitter: @rjonesx) spoke at PubCon in Las Vegas on the topic “Low Risk, High Reward Link Development.” Virante Director of Customer Relations Jacob Bobhall (Twitter: @jakebohall) live tweeted the talk. The following is an aggregation of his tweets (with hashtags & a few other references removed): SEO Misconception: paid links are […]

Presentation: Transportation Marketing & Sales Association

I had the pleasure of being invited (again!) to a Transportation Marketing and Sales Association event.     I met some wonderful people, and hopefully imparted some wisdom regarding the importance of search engine marketing, popular search engine marketing strategies, and some of the expectations you should have for your SEM provider. I’ve embedded a […]