Author Rank: Facts and Fiction (Live Hangout with Mark Traphagen)


Virante’s Mark Traphagen was the guest of +Max Minzer for his Max Impact Hangout On Air show, discussing the topic: “Author Rank: Facts and Fiction.” Mark shared his views on the distinction between Authorship and Author Rank, whether or not Author Rank is a major ranking factor for search yet, and how content creators and brands should […]

Why the Google Plus Paid Page Promotion Plan Will Be Better than Facebook’s

google plus ads

UPDATE 20 December 2012: The advertising option previewed in this post is now active and available to selected US Google+ brand pages in the US, according to this post by Google staffer Christen Oestlien. Google+ user Michelle Marie noticed the following tiny “ad” in the right column of her Google+ Page’s profile: Which led to […]

Google Removes Webmaster Tools Author Stats Reports

Google Author Stats Gone

Starting last December Google Webmaster Tools included a “labs” prototype feature that displayed rudimentary analytics for any indexed results on the web that were connected to your Google verified authorship (content tied to you Google+ profile using any of these methods. Being aware of how your author-identity-related content was performing was gaining importance as the […]

The Best Search Engines Today Aren't Search Engines

Zite curation process

I was reading social media news posts in an iPad app I’ve used every day for the past year, when it suddenly struck me. What I was doing at that moment just two years ago I would have been doing with a search engine. The app is Zite. It spiders out through my social networks […]

Bing Copying Google Results? So What!


The big buzz in the search world this week has been Google’s allegation that it caught Bing copying Google’s search results and using them on Bing. Microsoft at first seemed to deny the accusation, but later came out with a statement that rather circumspectly admitted the possibility that it was true. Google’s Matt Cutts has been […]