Google Author Rank: On? Not Yet? Why I Don’t Care


Google Author Rank: The Sasquatch of SEO When it comes to the topic of Google Author Rank and whether it is a reality today, the True Believers are only slightly less fanatical than people convinced that the following are real: Sasquatch (Big Foot) UFO abductions The Kardashians OK, one of those may actually be real, […]

Google Authorship Not a Ranking Factor (Yet): John Mueller

Google Author Rank

UPDATE 7 October 2013: At SMX East last week, in the Google Authorship session, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Pierre Farr also confirmed that Google Authorship is not a factor in ranking search results at the present time. Original Post: “We don’t use Authorship for ranking,” said Google Webmaster Tools Analyst John Mueller in a Google […]

rel=author or rel=publisher: Which Should I Use? (Updated)

rel=publisher vs rel=author

UPDATE: rel=publisher & Google In-Depth Articles 12 August 2013 – Google’s recently introduced In-Depth Articles search feature includes a special role for rel=publisher (verified brand page) connections. If the web site hosting an article featured in the In-Depth results box has a verified Google+ brand page connection, Google will pull the brand’s logo from that […]

Link Building Fundamentals: SMX West


Presented by Debra Mastaler, President, Alliance-Link (@debramastaler). A live blog of an SEO Boot Camp session at SMX West in San Jose, CA, March 11, 2013.  Part One: Concept of Link Popularity There are five major engines, but Google is by far #1. The other four don’t even amount to half of Google’s combined. All […]

Google Plus Post Links Now No Followed by Google


According to Dan Petrovic of Dejan SEO, as of 5 January 2012 Google stopped following (for link juice purposes) links placed in posts on Google+. The primary link is still followed. This is the first link you put into a post on Google+ if you allow G+ to turn it into a rich snippet. Any other […]

FriendFeed Is Your SEO Friend


Just thought I’d pass along something I noticed since Caffeine (Google’s new search ranking algorithm) kicked in. I’m wondering if anyone else has seen this? The meat of what I’m going to share: feeding your site updates to FriendFeed may bring great (and fast!) SEO blessings. I have a personal blog (the League of Inveterate […]

Google Profiles and Reputation Management – Part Two

In Google Profiles and Reputation Management – Part 1, I made a case for why building a Google Profile should be a central part of establishing a positive online presence (i.e. “reputation management”). Today let’s look at a second, but probably equally worthwhile, benefit of Google Profiles: free PageRank “juice” to your sites. Possibly as […]

Easy Linking for SEO Boost

From Search engine optimization is a process, one that must always be revisited and adapted as search algorithms are changed by the search engines. Seo is evolving much faster that SEO companies can adapt, and this is a fact not loudly stated and never mentioned to clients. Today Seo is about getting quality traffic, […]