Google Plus Pages Can Now Act Like Real People


Beginning yesterday (27 December 2012), it appears that Google+ has been rolling out to brand Pages the ability to comment on, +1, and re-share posts from personal profiles of people who have not circled them. This is news because until now brand Pages had no ability to interact with the posts of people who had […]

Use Google Plus Like an Email Marketer


Smart email marketers know that one of the reasons that channel can be so powerful is the ability to target content at segments of your brands’ following who are inherently receptive to that content. Your audience can opt in to a variety of newsletters centered around main interests. That way, they are choosingto get the […]

Google Plus Notifications Changed: Now How Do We Do Marketing?

Google Plus notifications posting strategy video

Watch this recorded Google+ Hangout on Air panel discussion hosted by +Ronnie Bincer, and featuring +Fraser Cain (of Universe Today) and +Stephanie Wanamaker, with Virante’s own +Mark Traphagen. Click the video image at the bottom of this post to watch. Our topic was the changes this past week to how post notifications are handled on […]

Is Marketing Dead? A Live Hangout on Air Video Discussion

Is Marketing Dead Hangout Video

Virante’s Mark Traphagen joined John BlossomĀ (Shore Communications), Mark ThomasĀ (SlingshotSEO), Su Ann Lim (TekPersona), Steve Faktor (IdeaFaktory), and Patrick Healy (Phacient) in a live Google+ Hangout On Air broadcast hosted by Shaker Cherukuri of ProcessISInc. Our discussion took off from the blog post “Is Marketing Dead?” by Shaker. Topics covered in the discussion: What does Marketing […]