Technical SEO is getting less technical events in the Google SERP

Google’s Data Highlighter makes technical SEO less technical as Google tries to give searchers less reason to click through to your site.

Google Removes Webmaster Tools Author Stats Reports

Google Author Stats Gone

Starting last December Google Webmaster Tools included a “labs” prototype feature that displayed rudimentary analytics for any indexed results on the web that were connected to your Google verified authorship (content tied to you Google+ profile using any of these methods. Being aware of how your author-identity-related content was performing was gaining importance as the […]

Google Webmaster Tools Updates its SEO Report Ranking

Google Announces an Update to the way it calculates average ranking in webmaster tools reports

Google announced, via its Webmaster Central Blog, that it was making an update to the “Top Search Queries” data. ¬†Beginning today, Google Webmaster Tools Top Search Query report will take the average of a site’s top URL rankings for a query versus an average of all results for a site’s URLs on a given query. […]

Google Page Speed Tool Helps Optimize Your Site's Load Speed

Google Page Speed Online

Google has handed a graduation diploma from Google Labs to its Page Speed Online tool, which is now “in the wild” as they say. Find it at¬† It’s home page couldn’t be more simple: just enter your site’s URL and click “Analyze.”   Once inside, Google Page Speed Online offers a number of suggestions for […]