Authorshipocalypse! The Great Google Authorship Purge Has Begun

Authorship in SERPs before and after comparison

December 2013: Authorship in Search Results Gets Restricted UPDATE 21 January 2013: I have now published results of my study detailing who lost Google Authorship and why. UPDATE: While composing this post, Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land reported that Google confirms that Authorship results in search are being intentionally reduced. It appears that the Matt […]

Google Authorship Not a Ranking Factor (Yet): John Mueller

Google Author Rank

UPDATE 7 October 2013: At SMX East last week, in the Google Authorship session, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Pierre Farr also confirmed that Google Authorship is not a factor in ranking search results at the present time. Original Post: “We don’t use Authorship for ranking,” said Google Webmaster Tools Analyst John Mueller in a Google […]

Google In-Depth Articles Search Results: Any Hope for Small Publishers?

Google In Depth Articles Search Results for Social Media

UPDATE: Some Hope for Small Publishers 11 August 2013 We have seen before where a new feature like this only works for big guys in the beginning but eventually rolls out for anyone. Authorship would be a case in point. I set it up when it first came out, but waited several frustrating months where only […]

rel=author or rel=publisher: Which Should I Use? (Updated)

rel=publisher vs rel=author

UPDATE: rel=publisher & Google In-Depth Articles 12 August 2013 – Google’s recently introduced In-Depth Articles search feature includes a special role for rel=publisher (verified brand page) connections. If the web site hosting an article featured in the In-Depth results box has a verified Google+ brand page connection, Google will pull the brand’s logo from that […]

Google Plus X-Person Challenge: Are You a Google Plus Mutant?


Are you one of us? Once, we were few. And we were lonely. We had Google+ powers far beyond those of “normal” users. Some called us mutants. Eventually, our shared condition drove us together, and we became the X-Persons of Google+, sworn to use our powers for good and for awesome. What the heck am […]

Google Plus Post Links Now No Followed by Google


According to Dan Petrovic of Dejan SEO, as of 5 January 2012 Google stopped following (for link juice purposes) links placed in posts on Google+. The primary link is still followed. This is the first link you put into a post on Google+ if you allow G+ to turn it into a rich snippet. Any other […]

Google Rich Snippets & Authorship: A Video Panel Discussion

Google Rich Snippets Authorship Video thumbnail

Join Virante’s +Mark Traphagen with co-guest panelists +AJ Kohn and +Bill Slawski for a Google+ Hangout On Air discussion of Rich Snippet search results and Google Authorship / Author Rank. The show was hosted by +Dan Petrovic and +Martin Reed of DejanSEO. (Video is below text) For the first 20 minutes, Dan and Martin give us […]

Google Plus Verified Pages: Of What Benefit Is the Verification?

Google Plus Verified Page Name

Recently the Virante Search Marketing Google+ Page was given “verified name” status by Google+. The only visible change this makes is that now a check mark appears next to our name on our profile, as well as any appearances of our name in Google+ search. As they say, that an $5 will get you a […]

What Is the Difference Between Google Authorship and Author Rank?


If you follow my writing here, on various other blogs, and on Google+, you know that I am a big fan of Google’s Authorship project, and that I do a great deal of thinking and research about it. But when you’ve got your nose deep into something, it’s easy to slip into jargon and forget […]

Google Authorship: Does It Affect Search Rankings? Google Official Speaks Out


In a new interview on Search Engine Journal we get some updated insights into the current state of the Google Authorship project from Google Director of Product for Search Sagar Kamdar, who has specific responsibilities with Google’s Author Verification project. Here’s the key quote: Q: Is Authorship used by Google as a ranking signal? (i.e., does […]