Using Google Plus and Pinterest Together For Real Estate

Using Google+ & Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing

Google Plus & Pinterest = Marketing Dynamo! The ultimate goal of any social media strategy is to get more visitors to your website. It is a long process, but worth it because you have to take the time to grow your followers and build a strong bond with them. Pinterest and Google Plus are two […]

Google Plus Multi-Comment Streams Hack for Web Sites


or Leaving Google+ In Order to Enhance Google+ In the last week, diehard Google fans discovered that a new commenting feature added to the Blogger platform had a stunning loophole: the feature could be applied to other platforms. Whether an unsecure API call was left there intentionally by Google for us to find is up […]

Google Plus Post Links Now No Followed by Google


According to Dan Petrovic of Dejan SEO, as of 5 January 2012 Google stopped following (for link juice purposes) links placed in posts on Google+. The primary link is still followed. This is the first link you put into a post on Google+ if you allow G+ to turn it into a rich snippet. Any other […]

Google Plus 2012: Only the Beginning (Infographic)

Google+ 2012 Infographic

Google+ celebrated nearing the end of its first full calendar year as a social network by publishing this infographic displaying highlights about the network achieved in 2012: The infographic covers the following highlights and achievements of Google Plus in 2012: The rapid growth in users (500 million accounts / 135 million active users) The creative […]

Verifying Google Authorship for the Paranoid

paranoid about google authorship

If you read me regularly or follow me on Google+, it’s no secret to you that I think Google Authorship is the hottest thing since meme images of velociraptors. Authorship is connecting your content from across the web to your Google+ profile. When you do so, you are eligible for at least three benefits (one […]

Google Plus Comment Notifications Algorithm Updated


According to Google+ Chief Architect Yonatan Zunger, Google+ will now send you notifications for new comments in large comment threads, but only when a new algorithm determines it is likely you’d want to see such notifications Google+ used to stop notifying you when a comment thread in which you had participated reached 100 comments. In […]

10 Experts on the Value of Google Plus – Windmill Networking


I’ve been waiting to unveil this one for a couple of weeks now! My friend +Neal Schaffer of Windmill Networking has compiled a Q& A about Google+ with top industry experts. This panel has a difference: each and every one of them is an active and avid user of Google+ who has found real value in the […]

Use Google Plus Like an Email Marketer


Smart email marketers know that one of the reasons that channel can be so powerful is the ability to target content at segments of your brands’ following who are inherently receptive to that content. Your audience can opt in to a variety of newsletters centered around main interests. That way, they are choosingto get the […]

YouTube Google Plus Integration: How to Make It Happen


My friend and YouTube SEO Wizard +Ronnie Bincer alerted me to an option that Google has been offering on YouTube for a while now, but few know about: the ability to change your YouTube channel name to your Google+ profile name, and thereby connect the two more closely. Back when I created my YouTube account, it […]

Google Plus Notifications Changed: Now How Do We Do Marketing?

Google Plus notifications posting strategy video

Watch this recorded Google+ Hangout on Air panel discussion hosted by +Ronnie Bincer, and featuring +Fraser Cain (of Universe Today) and +Stephanie Wanamaker, with Virante’s own +Mark Traphagen. Click the video image at the bottom of this post to watch. Our topic was the changes this past week to how post notifications are handled on […]