How to Rank for a Keyword in Google+ Search

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UPDATE: The beginning of this post talks about a Google search feature which no longer exists: the “People and Pages on Google+” box. For a period of time Google displayed this box for certain search queries, showing the top-ranked people or brand Pages from Google+. Even though this no longer appears in search, I believe that […]

Is AuthorRank Most Important for High Ranking Google+ Posts?

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Or “How I Outranked Mari Smith for Her Own Post” I’ve been writing a lot lately about my new-found ability to high rank almost anything I post on Google+ on the first page of incognito Google search for long tail keywords that have search volume. See: The SEO Power of Google+ Plus Google AuthorRank Does […]

Does Engagement Trump Recency in High Ranking Google+ Posts?

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Yesterday I posted a dramatic example of how an influential Google+ profile combined with Google author verification linked to high-traffic web posts can result in a huge Google SEO power boost for Google+ posts in regular Google search, even for non-logged-in searchers. Well and fine for my example, which was for a post only a […]

The SEO Power of Google+ Plus Google Author Rank


UPDATE 7 October 2013: I no longer believe that the ranking result I show below is the result of either Google Authorship or Author Rank. See “Google Authorship Not a Ranking Factor (Yet).” I now attribute it to the PageRank authority of my Google+ profile. For more on that, see my article on “Google Plus SEO.”  […]

Our Guides to Google Plus for Business and Personal Use


Google Plus Guides UPDATED July 2013! By popular request, here are all our “how to” Google Plus guides for using Google+ effectively, whether for business or personal use, in one convenient listing. ALL our Google+-related posts Want to easily share this list with others? Just use Like this list? Please upvote it at! Google […]

Google+ Search Boost Extends Beyond Google "Search Plus Your World"

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There’s a great deal of hooplah online right now about the new Google “Search plus Your World” implementation that adds personalized search (with Google+ content front-and-center) as the default view for most searcher’s SERPs. Almost all of the focus has (naturally) been on the heavy Google+ presence in the new personal search. But what many […]

Get Yourself Featured in New Google Search Plus Your World Personalized Search


The web has changed the world in so many ways, but few are more awesome than the fact that now anyone can be a “published” author. Search engines like Google made it possible that people might actually find your content. Then social media came along, opening up yet another way for even the “smallest” of […]

Google Personalized Search & Author Verification: Powerful Combo for Content Creators

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Today Google announced a change to the way it presents its search engine results that evoked breathless proclamations from the technorati like these: “Google+ could change the entire way we use the Web — and drive millions of Web sites who depend on Google to change how they attract customers.” – Business Insider “… a significant […]

How to Show Your Author Photo in Google Search Results

Google Authorship rich snippet search result

Could there be anything more cheering to an online author (especially one with a healthy ego like Yours Truly) than seeing this little gift from Google? Such “author rich snippet search results” are one of the benefits of connecting your online, original content with your Google+ profile, something we now know of as Google Authorship. The […]

How to Verify Your Google+ Brand Page with Google

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Anyone building a brand or business page on Google+ quickly comes to a rather unsettling realization: at no point in the process does Google do anything to check that you have any real connection to the brand name on your page. Anyone can create a Google+ Page with any name they want. So there could […]