Why Nobody Enters Your Contest

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What follows is a real life story, I have not changed any of the names because these brands need to be taken out back and given a stern talking too. Executive Summary: Nobody enters your contest because you make it nearly impossible.

Mark Traphagen Interviewed by 97thFloor


Virante’s Director of Digital Outreach Mark Traphagen (Google+ | Twitter) was interviewed by Brandon Hassler of digital marketing agency 97th Floor. Brandon asked Mark questions about the following: Q. When many in the industry think about Google+ they can’t help but think of Mark Traphagen. What is it about Google+ that got you hooked? Q. Google+ officially […]

Facebook Graph Search, Search Quality, and the Meaning of Like


Facebook’s new Graph Search feature promises to revolutionize our searches by tying together the social graph of our friends and Liked pages. At first glance, the ability of the new search to bring together different bits of information as an answer to a natural language query is almost awe inspiring. Ask for “people in my […]

Why the Google Plus Paid Page Promotion Plan Will Be Better than Facebook’s

google plus ads

UPDATE 20 December 2012: The advertising option previewed in this post is now active and available to selected US Google+ brand pages in the US, according to this post by Google staffer Christen Oestlien. Google+ user Michelle Marie noticed the following tiny “ad” in the right column of her Google+ Page’s profile: Which led to […]

Food Trucks Master Small Business Social Media: What’s Your Excuse?

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If you hold a mirror under your nose and find even the slightest hint of mist, you’ve probably heard that social media has arrived. Many of us use it as a means to watch endless hours of cat videos or keep up with the whimsical George Takei’s most recent meme that has been shared a […]

SEO for the Social Media Minded: Webinar by Rand Fishkin and Nathan Latka


Once upon a time there were SEOs and Social Media Managers. SEOs lived on a solid planet called Data and lived by a code called Measurable Results. Social Media Managers lived in a cloud world called Engagement. Though the two could see each other from afar, they had very little contact. Then came the dark […]

Facebook and Twitter Marketing


The Facebook Exchange Opportunity Josh Nannen – Senior Director of Sales, Triggit Early days of paid search are paralleling early days of FBX. FBX is retargeted advertising using Facebook. How it works: someone puts a product in shopping cart but doesn’t complete transaction. FBX, when she comes back to Facebook, serves her up a compelling […]

Social Media Targeting and Measurement

Patrick Toland of Optimal

A live blog of a presentation by Patrick Toland at the Internet Summit Conference, Raleigh NC, November 7, 2012. Mr. Toland is Chief Revenue Officer at Optimal, a social media advertising and analytics agency.

How Facebook Is Silencing 57% of Your Fans


UPDATE: Facebook has now introduced an update for all mobile apps that includes a share button for posts from others in your news feed. Late to the game, but the problem described below is no longer a problem Imagine that your team is in the Big Game. It’s all on the line. The Championship is […]

Google+ Events vs. Facebook Events: King of Virtual & King of IRL

Google+ Virtual Star Party Invite

My first thought about the new Google+ Events was that no matter how slick and cool it is, this is one feature that could be hurt by the “my friends aren’t here” factor. I’m on record for advocating that the fact that my Facebook friends aren’t on Google+ is a good thing. But it’s pretty hard […]