Google Author Rank: On? Not Yet? Why I Don’t Care


Google Author Rank: The Sasquatch of SEO When it comes to the topic of Google Author Rank and whether it is a reality today, the True Believers are only slightly less fanatical than people convinced that the following are real: Sasquatch (Big Foot) UFO abductions The Kardashians OK, one of those may actually be real, […]

Google Authorship Not a Ranking Factor (Yet): John Mueller

Google Author Rank

UPDATE 7 October 2013: At SMX East last week, in the Google Authorship session, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Pierre Farr also confirmed that Google Authorship is not a factor in ranking search results at the present time. Original Post: “We don’t use Authorship for ranking,” said Google Webmaster Tools Analyst John Mueller in a Google […]

Is Social Media Influence Building a Zero-Sum Game?


This past week I published what has become my most widely read and re-shared post ever, and in many ways I think my most important post ever: “Your Google Plus Network Is More Powerful Than You Know.”   One paragraph of that social media influence post has sparked some pushback from some very thoughtful readers. […]

The Future's Most Coveted Position: Social Media Copywriter?


Everyone in the SEO world says it: “content is king.”  This has been the golden rule for those “in the know” in SEO for years now, but only in the past year or so has it started to get wider play. So will the job of Social Media Copywriter become a lucrative career to pursue […]

Google Removes Webmaster Tools Author Stats Reports

Google Author Stats Gone

Starting last December Google Webmaster Tools included a “labs” prototype feature that displayed rudimentary analytics for any indexed results on the web that were connected to your Google verified authorship (content tied to you Google+ profile using any of these methods. Being aware of how your author-identity-related content was performing was gaining importance as the […]

Video: What Is Google AuthorRank?

9-4-2012 4-25-28 PM

Watch this recording of a live Google+ Hangout On Air chat featuring Virante Director of Social Media Marketing Mark Traphagen and social SEO expert AJ Kohn. The Hangout was hosted by Tim Moore of CrushIQ. AJ and Mark discuss what Google is doing with what has come to be known as “Author Rank,” and why […]

Live Hangout On Air: What is Google Author Rank and Why Should I Care?

Google+ Hangouts On Air

This Wednesday at 2:pm EST / 11:00am PST, Who CARES? will conduct a Live Google+ Hangout On Air with +AJ Kohn of +Blind Five Year Old, and  +Mark Traphagen of +Virante Search Marketing. We will talk about Google AuthorRank, and what this means for your business and to your activity on +Google+ and across the web. This will be more application than geek-speak, so join us! In advance, […]

How to Show Your Author Photo in Google Search Results

Google Authorship rich snippet search result

Could there be anything more cheering to an online author (especially one with a healthy ego like Yours Truly) than seeing this little gift from Google? Such “author rich snippet search results” are one of the benefits of connecting your online, original content with your Google+ profile, something we now know of as Google Authorship. The […]