Why the Google Plus Paid Page Promotion Plan Will Be Better than Facebook’s

google plus ads

UPDATE 20 December 2012: The advertising option previewed in this post is now active and available to selected US Google+ brand pages in the US, according to this post by Google staffer Christen Oestlien. Google+ user Michelle Marie noticed the following tiny “ad” in the right column of her Google+ Page’s profile: Which led to […]

Google+ Pages for Brands Are Here! Why You MUST Get One

Pepsi Google+ Page

Google announced today the long-awaited introduction of Google+ profiles for brands, businesses, and organizations, calling them Google+ Pages. The new Pages look very much like personal Google+ profiles, with a few additions: +1 Button:┬áPeople viewing a brand’s page can “+1″ it, which will cause it to show up as a recommendation when that person’s friends […]

AdWords Switches Side Ads to Bottom (Sometimes)

AdWords ads at bottom of search results page

As if the world of paid search advertising management wasn’t filled with enough variables…let’s throw in AdWords making changes to how they display ads! On November 2, 2011, AdWords announced that “ads that have previously shown to the side of the [search] results may in some cases appear below them.” When and why will the […]

Analyze Competition in AdWords

Analyze Competition

Now you can see how your campaigns stack up against competitors in your same verticals with a new feature added to the Opportunities tab in the AdWords interface. To use it, click “Analyze Competition” on the Opportunities tab. You can choose to compare your account to others in your categories by way of four metrics: […]

Google to Mobile AdWords Advertisers: Optimize Site or Die!


Google announced today that mobile website optimization now factors into mobile search ads’ quality score. Mobile AdWords ads that point to a web site optimized for mobile will receive a higher quality score. That translates to higher visibility at a lower cost-per-click for those ads. Google had already begun penalizing ads that pointed to flash-heavy […]

Google AdWords Now Reviewing Paused Ads: How It Helps You


Google announced that they will now begin reviewing even paused ads on a regular basis. This means Google will check ads for policy compliance and functionality (such as destination URL leading to an active page) even before you activate them. Why this change? Google says it is to “improve user experience.” But how does this […]

Google AdWords Adds Top of Page Bid Estimates

AdWords Top of Page Bid

Google announced yesterday that they are adding a new metric to the AdWords online account management interface. The metric shows the estimated bid it would take to (theoretically) place your ad regularly in the top positions above the organic search results. Combined with the recently added top vs. side segmentation in reports, this metric gives […]

Do Paid Search Ads Cannibalize Your Organic Search Clicks?


The Google AdWords Blog announced the results of a fascinating study: Advertisers often wonder whether search ads cannibalize their organic traffic. If paid search ads were paused, would clicks on organic results increase and make up for the loss in paid traffic? Google statisticians recently ran over 400 studies on paused accounts to answer this […]

Why are There Conversion Discrepancies Between Google AdWords and Analytics?


Whether trying to make decisions about account optimization or trying to generate accurate reports for clients, one of the most frustrating and disconcerting anomalies occurs in comparing conversion results between Google AdWords and Analytics. In both number of conversions and revenue generated from those conversions there are often broad discrepancies between the two. Most often, […]

Understanding the Google +1 Button and AdWords

As you may have noticed by now, if you are logged in to Google while searching using Google, +1 icons now appear not only by every organic search result, but also next to each paid search ad. What does a click on +1 next to one of your ads do? In brief: +1 is associated […]