New Google Maps: First Tour

New Google Maps Search Box

There’s a new Google Maps coming. Google is rolling out a complete overhaul of the look and feel of its popular browser-based mapping program. Everything is designed to be more intuitive and one-click away. I applied to preview the new Google Maps interface ahead of public roll out, and got accepted within 24 hours. Here’s […]

Russ Jones Content Title Ideas


I was perusing Portent’s new “tool,” the Content Idea Generator, and wondering for what awesome purpose I could use it. For what topic do I wish I could spin out endless content ideas? And then it struck me. There is only one thing worth writing about endlessly, ad infinitum. Actually, one person. Russ Jones If […]

On Being an Artist Playing an Infinite Game

The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin

Recently my friend and co-worker Phil Buckley posted on his personal blog “Graduating from Enthusiast to Professional.” In it he ponders where the line is between free advice and consulting that should be paid for. He didn’t try to give a final answer to that dilemma in his post, and I won’t here either. But […]

Is Social Media Influence Building a Zero-Sum Game?


This past week I published what has become my most widely read and re-shared post ever, and in many ways I think my most important post ever: “Your Google Plus Network Is More Powerful Than You Know.”   One paragraph of that social media influence post has sparked some pushback from some very thoughtful readers. […]

Social Listening & Crowdsourcing: Bane or Boon?


In the video below I join the TekPersona Power Panel to discuss whether social listening and crowdsourcing by C-level company heads ends up benefiting or hurting their companies. This is my first week on the Power Panel, where I’ll be a regular now. Hosted by +J. C. Kendall and +Su Ann LimĀ of TekPersona Corporation, the […]