Google+ For Business: Three Experts Give Their Take

Google Plus Infographic

I was featured this week in this infographic about Google Plus for Business, created by Jeff Machado of Fiore Communications. Original at  

Google Plus 2012: Only the Beginning (Infographic)

Google+ 2012 Infographic

Google+ celebrated nearing the end of its first full calendar year as a social network by publishing this infographic displaying highlights about the network achieved in 2012: The infographic covers the following highlights and achievements of Google Plus in 2012: The rapid growth in users (500 million accounts / 135 million active users) The creative […]

SEO for the Social Media Minded: Webinar by Rand Fishkin and Nathan Latka


Once upon a time there were SEOs and Social Media Managers. SEOs lived on a solid planet called Data and lived by a code called Measurable Results. Social Media Managers lived in a cloud world called Engagement. Though the two could see each other from afar, they had very little contact. Then came the dark […]

Google Plus User Map Visualization

Google Plus world map

CircleCount (a Google+ user stats site) created this stunning info-map showing the locations of active Google+ users across the globe. Heres’ how they describe its creation: We visualised the profiles in our index with a publicly shown location (more than 4 million). Each of those profiles got a 2×2 sized pixel in white and each […]