Getting a list of links when you only have a domain list


While handling business development for Remove’em, I run across a lot of different situations where a company’s internal teams or outside firms have worked to help them review their backlink profiles and prepare a disavow file.   In most cases, these companies have approached us because they now realize they have to actually make efforts […]

Google Not Provided? Stop What You’re Doing and Do This Right Now!


So, what are you doing right now. Link building? Stop it. Link removing? Stop it. Stop writing content, stop reading content, stop eating, sleeping, pooping, whatever it is you are doing and do this right now. As of writing this post, it is now September 30, 2013 and time is running out…

Fast Integrated Keyword Data with UberSuggest, Google SERPs and GrepWords

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 9.19.55 AM

Ubersuggest on Steroids One of the exciting things about having access to good APIs is the ability to put data where you need it, rather than having to log into yet another service and mashing up the data in Excel. A popular research tool I use is UberSuggest which scrapes Google autocomplete and gives you […] Markup and Rich Snippets for the Little Guy


Just when you thought you were ahead of the game by implementing Authorship and/or Publishership, Google shook things up…again. In-Depth Articles are now a regular part of the search results for broad keywords and their visibility is so prominent, it’s quite an enviable position to have. The vast majority of these articles appear to be […]

WordPress In-Depth Article Markup Plugin

In Depth Articles Generator options box

NOTICE!!! A small bug in the plugin has now been fixed and a new version was uploaded to WordPress. If you previously installed the plugin, please check your plugin dashboard for an update notice.   We’re pleased to announce the availability of our FREE WordPress In-Depth Article markup plugin! Our In-Depth Articles Generator plugin, once […]

Are You in Danger of Anchor Text Over Optimization?

Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool

We’ve just added a free Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool to the site for our Remove’em bad backlink removal tool. This tool will quickly tell you if you have over-optimized links pointing at your site that could cause you to get a Google penalty. What Is Anchor Text Over-Optimization? Anchor text is the text that […]

Using the nTopic Writer to Increase Topical Relevancy


Virante released nTopic about a month ago. nTopic allows you to analyze your content for topical relevancy and recommends words you should add to improve relevancy. I won’t waste your time here going over why improving topical relevancy is important, but if you are interested, you can read our experimental study results here. Below, I […]

An Introduction to Content Relevancy, nTopic and SEO

Today Virante, Inc. launched nTopic, a content relevancy scoring API for Search Engine Optimization. Because there is nothing quite like it available in the world of SEO, we thought it would be appropriate to spend a little bit of time explaining what nTopic is and does. What is Content Relevancy Scoring? Most on-page optimization techniques, […]

Google Algorithm Weather Report: Announcing MozCast


My notes from the presentation “A Secret Algo Project Launch” at MozCon 2012 by Dr. Peter J. Meyers, Rogue Scientist for SEOmoz (@dr_pete). Be sure to read until the end for an amazing announcement from SEOmoz! Background: SEOmoz history of Google algo changes. We know so much about Google’s algorithm…but tons more we don’t know. “As bad as […]

Calculating the Potential Value of an Exact Match Domain

We recommend that all of our clients adopt a multi-site strategy for rankings, as it increases the number of sites they can have ranking for any particular target keyword phrase. This multi-site strategy also helps mitigate some of the risks of search engine optimization. For competitive keywords, finding such domains can be a difficult task. However for long-tail terms […]