Authorshipocalypse! The Great Google Authorship Purge Has Begun

Authorship in SERPs before and after comparison

December 2013: Authorship in Search Results Gets Restricted UPDATE 21 January 2013: I have now published results of my study detailing who lost Google Authorship and why. UPDATE: While composing this post, Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land reported that Google confirms that Authorship results in search are being intentionally reduced. It appears that the Matt […]

Google Author Rank: On? Not Yet? Why I Don’t Care


Google Author Rank: The Sasquatch of SEO When it comes to the topic of Google Author Rank and whether it is a reality today, the True Believers are only slightly less fanatical than people convinced that the following are real: Sasquatch (Big Foot) UFO abductions The Kardashians OK, one of those may actually be real, […]

Matt Cutts at Pubcon 2013: Authorship, Authority and the Future of Search

Matt Cutts keynote at Pubcon 2013 Las Vegas

After reading several live blog notes (here and even better here) on the keynote address by Google’s Matt Cutts at Pubcon 2013 yesterday, I was seeing intriguing hints that he had spoken about some topics near and dear to me. But since these were live notes, some of the details were a bit fuzzy. I really […]

Hey Pubcon: Here’s All My Google Authorship Content!


I’m hearing from a lot of my spies at Pubcon 2013 in Las Vegas that I’ve been getting shoutouts from a number of speakers, recommending they read this blog to get the best content about Google Authorship and Google+. Thanks! Let me help you get straight to what you’re looking for: My Google Authorship and […]

Google Authorship Not a Ranking Factor (Yet): John Mueller

Google Author Rank

UPDATE 7 October 2013: At SMX East last week, in the Google Authorship session, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Pierre Farr also confirmed that Google Authorship is not a factor in ranking search results at the present time. Original Post: “We don’t use Authorship for ranking,” said Google Webmaster Tools Analyst John Mueller in a Google […]

Google Plus Posts in Search Results: What Causes Ranking?

Google Plus Post in Search Results

How and why do certain Google+ Plus posts in search results do better than others? That’s been a question at the front of my attention for almost two years now. Google obviuosly treats public Google+ posts differently from other social network posts. You may occasionally see the odd Tweet or Facebook status in Google search, […]

Powerful Personal Branding via Content, Social Networking, & SEO


Personal Brand Authority Is Key to Customer Connection Recently I was asked to give a workshop for entrepreneurs and startup business people at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City. Since the Foundation was taking the trouble of flying me all the way out to the “Paris of the Plains,” I thought long and […]

Google Answers Questions About Google Authorship

Google Authorship example search results

It’s been a long time since we’ve had any real information updates on Google Authorship and how it should be used from the horse’s mouth (that’s Google with the saddle on over there, by the way). That changed today with the posting of “rel=author Frequently Asked (Advanced) Questions” on the official Google Webmaster Central blog. […]

Writing for the Semantic Web and Semantic Search

Semantic Web Interview Mark Traphagen

Below is a recent interview I did talking about how we should be writing content for the semantic web. I was the guest of Michael Ehline of the Circle of Legal Trust, a “Confederation of Online Attorneys and Webmasters Dedicated to Providing Educational Content and Lawyer Recommendations to the Public at Large.” Michael asked me […]

Google In-Depth Articles Search Results: Any Hope for Small Publishers?

Google In Depth Articles Search Results for Social Media

UPDATE: Some Hope for Small Publishers 11 August 2013 We have seen before where a new feature like this only works for big guys in the beginning but eventually rolls out for anyone. Authorship would be a case in point. I set it up when it first came out, but waited several frustrating months where only […]