Google Plus Update Event: 18 Major Upgrades to Google+

My live tweets from today’s Google Plus Update live event. Google’s Vic Gundotra announced 18 major upgrades to Google+, centerend around Hangouts, photos, and videos.

(Go to bottom of page for a Pinterest pinnable image of these tweets!)

Hungry for more details on these updates? The Social Media Hat has a very thorough summary with details on each feature.

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Google Plus Updates Event live tweets

Google Plus Update Event: 18 Major Upgrades to Google+ by

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  1. Thanks Mark for the play by play update summary here… awesome for a quick overview!

  2. The early bird gets the worm. The Twitter feed was pretty trick and the connection to Social Media Hat was perfect timing. Man are you guys fast!

  3. Hi Mark!

    I just got my custom personalised url from google+ well quite similar to facebook though now am wondering how do i add the rel author part which i am using in my blogs. Is that new ? Could fit in your list. Would you construct the url the same way ? Example: <<–would that work !?

  4. Superb one. Getting on the right place and at the right time is the trick :)
    I am still waiting for the Google+ custom URL but haven’t got it yet. May be they are still updating all the accounts.

  5. Hi, i don’t know their selection criteria. My account is several years old and active since its inception. I also have more than a thousand followers. I interact with quite a few of them. I can imagine it will be just plain standard, i don’t see it like a cookie/reward in having a personalised URL.

  6. Thank you this is very useful information.

  7. Yes its good update but still i think Google+ loads way to slow than Facebook and Twitter. what do you think?

  8. Always prefer Facebook over Google+..

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