New Google Maps: First Tour

There’s a new Google Maps coming. Google is rolling out a complete overhaul of the look and feel of its popular browser-based mapping program. Everything is designed to be more intuitive and one-click away.

I applied to preview the new Google Maps interface ahead of public roll out, and got accepted within 24 hours. Here’s what I discovered as new on my first tour:

New Google Maps Smart Search Box

The first thing that strikes you about the new Google Maps is the “full bleed” map display. The map now goes edge-to-edge, filling all of your browser window. The new search box is on a small card overlaying the map at upper left.


New Google Maps Search Box

The search box has several features:

  • Most recent searches displayed
  • Directions
  • Transit, traffic, and bicycling info (where available)

Local Business Results on the Map

Another major change is how local business listings appear. Gone is the left hand ordered list of results. Now results appear as icons and names right in place on the map itself. If your search was specific, such as “sushi in Boston MA,” the most relevant results will appear as larger icons and titles.


New Google Maps Local Results


This has profound implications for local business SEO. Gone completely is the rush to “rank” in the top results for any map search. Now the key is “relevancy” to the query, which means you should place a priority on optimizing your Google+ Local Page.

New Local Info Cards

Clicking on any local business icon on the map brings up its Info Card, with address, directions link, and phone number at the top. You can “save” or “star” the item, which saves it to My Places. (A note in the help files states that My Places is not yet implemented as a direct access item in the new Maps, but that starred items will be used to help influence your results when searching while logged in to your Google account.)

At the bottom of the info card are the Google+ Local star ratings, and links to reviews and other information, such as menus.


Google Maps Info Card

New Full Bleed Street View

A preview of the Street View for the location (if available), along with any available uploaded photos, is shown on the Info Card. Clicking the Street View preview image jumps you straight to a spectacular full-window street view experience.


New Google Maps Street View


A “carousel” across the bottom of the street view gives access to user-generated photos from nearby (photos uploaded to Google Local or Panoramio). Clicking the map in the filmstrip returns you to map view. The Street View controls are now at lower right. The image carousel can also be accessed in regular map view via an icon at lower right.


New Google Maps photo carousel access


Goodbye Satellite – Hello Google Earth

Google Earth is now fully integrated into Google Maps. Thus you will no longer find a “Satellite” view option. Instead, clicking the Earth icon at lower left jumps you to a full-window overhead view of the current map location.


New Google Maps Google Earth Button


Controls at lower right allow you to zoom in and then tilt the view, for the familiar Google Earth “in flight” view, including 3D buildings where available.


Google Earth in Google Maps


Click-on-Map Address Information

Click at any point on any street in the new Google Maps and a small Info Card appears with the nearest street address to that point, a directions link, and Street View access. This should be incredibly useful as the user can now just “point and shoot” to get directions to any location on the map, without having to know an address to type in first.


New Google Maps Click On Map Address Info


Missing in Action?

At least two features of the old Google Maps are MIA so far:

  1. My Places (although the help pages seem to imply that this will be added back in eventually
  2. Grab a link (which used to let you grab a shortened link for any map location that could be easily shared with others)
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Mark is Director of Digital Outreach for Virante Inc. Mark helps businesses build strategies to increase brand influence and attract natural links and social signals. He has a special reputation as an expert on Google+ and Google Authorship. A former teacher, Mark has worked directly in Internet marketing since 2005, but has been involved in social media and online community formation since the mid 1990s. When not helping Virante clients improve their online presence, Mark participates in competitive storytelling, plays with a Dixieland street band, and (surprise) spends more time on the web.


  1. …maps is an unbelievable amount of information and endless updates. Thanks for taking this on Google and revising it once again.

  2. While the new interface will be a bonus, the most significant change based on your comments will be the change in how local businesses rank. It’s an approach consistent with other search factors of course, and means that well thought out relevant content wins again. From a users perspective, I think it’s great to get relevant local results rather than simply the best ranked results.

  3. Bill Fair says:

    I’ve found (at least for me) a major problem. When I type HOME or my home address into the search box and request directions, MAPS begins my trip not from my house but 60 miles away. I’ve checked all settings & cleared all caches from all devices. No word yet from Google.

  4. Took me awhile to find the ‘Street View’ feature as I couldn’t just ‘Drop’ myself into the map, as per usual. Great update and great overview Mark.

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