Google Plus Circle Management: How to Adjust the Volume in Your Home Stream

Updated 7 October 2013 to reflect changes in the Google Plus Circle Management interface.

Recently Google+ changed the location and choices for Circle volume and subscription settings. These settings affect how much “volume” of posts from each circle will appear in your Home stream, thus allowing you to fine tune your home page experience.

Previously they were contained in an easy-to-see slider at the top of each circle’s view on the Google+ Home page. Now they have been moved inside a  ”Settings” link in the “in this circle” card on each Circle’s individual view page. To get to the view page of a circle, go to your home page and select one of the tabs at the top. If you have more than a few circles, you will need to click the “More” tab to see them all.

Google Plus circle view settings

The bell icon allows you to turn on or off notifications for that circle. Turning notifications on means you will be notified (according to your notification settings in your main settings) for each post added by someone in that circle.

Clicking the gear icon link reveals the Circle subscription settings.

google plus circles volume setting

There are now three settings you can make that affect how many of the posts from that circle will show in the default “All” stream on your Home page. Let’s talk about what each one means and what it will do:

1. Show posts in Home stream

This is pretty straight forward. This setting is the “kill switch” for that circle’s posts in your All stream. Uncheck it, and no posts from this circle will show. Check it, and Google will show posts from it in your All stream according to the next setting.

2. Amount of posts in Home stream

You will only see this second option if you have the “Show posts in Home stream” box checked. Hover your mouse over the word “Amount” and three choices will appear in a pop-out box to the right: More, Standard, and Fewer. We don’t know what these mean exactly, but the most significant change is that there is no longer an “All” setting. And that means that Google+ no longer shows all posts from people you Circle in the “All” stream. In smaller circles, if you go directly to the circle’s view page, you will probably see all the posts from the members of that circle. However, in larger circles (generally 500 or more members), Google+ applies a filter that will determine how many posts you see. So keep your circles smaller if you want to see all posts!

Adjusting Community Post Volume

As you’ve probably noticed, posts from Communities in which you are a member also show up in your default Home stream. You can adjust whether you want to see any posts from that community in your stream, and the volume of those posts. To do so you must go to each community individually.

In each community, click the Actions link in the left community information box, just under the community’s banner:


Similar to the settings for circles above, there is a check box to choose whether or not you want posts from this community to show up in your home stream. If you check it, you can then choose if you want to see “more,” “standard” (the unadjusted algorithm), or “fewer” posts from the community.

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  1. Thanks for posting these details. I am enjoying G+ and will enjoy having a little more control of it having read this. Thanks Mark!

  2. yup, i’ve seen the changes as well, but i like these better then how it was before, its a bit more organized.

  3. > my assumption is that you can see all posts from that circle in the circle’s own view.

    That does not appear to be that case. In circle view I’m not seeing posts I was notified of.

  4. This is so helpful … thanks a lot.

  5. Thanks. I was wondering how to turn the volume down.

  6. Thanks Mark! One of my circles was at the wrong setting, and I was stumped!

  7. knightofmathematics says:

    Interesting article. Thank you for posting.

  8. I wasn’t even aware that I could do this. Thanks. I just assumed it was all or nothing.

  9. Thank you Mark. It’s only been a few months, but the more I use G+ the more I love it and realise its power. The content of this article is precisely why Google+ is leaving Facebook far behind when it comes to engaging with quality content.

  10. Thanks for the info. I wish they’d make it a bit more intuitive on how to change certain settings. I’m no dummy, but I often can’t figure it out! And for some reason, even though I have all my circles checked to show in my home stream, and they’re all set to “more” Google+ filters out a TON of posts. In fact, I will often only see the same few posts ALL day. This has me a bit confused and I’m not sure what to do about it, considering I have triple checked to make sure all my settings are correct. It kind of makes the experience a bit less useful when they only show me a few posts.


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