Author Rank: Facts and Fiction (Live Hangout with Mark Traphagen)


Virante’s Mark Traphagen was the guest of +Max Minzer for his Max Impact Hangout On Air show, discussing the topic: “Author Rank: Facts and Fiction.”

Mark shared his views on the distinction between Authorship and Author Rank, whether or not Author Rank is a major ranking factor for search yet, and how content creators and brands should make use of Authorship.

Here’s the full video recording of the discussion, courtesy of

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Author Rank: Facts and Fiction (Live Hangout with Mark Traphagen) by

Mark is Director of Digital Outreach for Virante Inc. Mark helps businesses build strategies to increase brand influence and attract natural links and social signals. He has a special reputation as an expert on Google+ and Google Authorship. A former teacher, Mark has worked directly in Internet marketing since 2005, but has been involved in social media and online community formation since the mid 1990s. When not helping Virante clients improve their online presence, Mark participates in competitive storytelling, plays with a Dixieland street band, and (surprise) spends more time on the web.


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