Social Listening & Crowdsourcing: Bane or Boon?


In the video below I join the TekPersona Power Panel to discuss whether social listening and crowdsourcing by C-level company heads ends up benefiting or hurting their companies.

This is my first week on the Power Panel, where I’ll be a regular now. Hosted by +J. C. Kendall and +Su Ann Lim of TekPersona Corporation, the panel includes +Cybelle Negris (, +Garth Frizzell (Terra Cognita Software Systems), +John Blossom (Shore Communications), and +Jesse Wojdylo (independent web entrepreneur). (+Gary S. Hart, also a regular, was away today.)

Before watching our discussion, it might be helpful to understand the terms. Here are some definitions:

Crowdsourcing: “a process that involves outsourcing tasks to a distributed group of people. This process can occur both online and offline.  The difference between crowdsourcing and ordinary outsourcing is that a task or problem is outsourced to an undefined public rather than a specific body, such as paid employees.” (In our discussion below we focus primarily on the crowdsourcing of ideas and decisions, rather than tasks.) – source

Social Listening: Monitoring social media sources for information and sentiment about a brand, product, or concept. Often used by marketers to gauge the success of a messaging campaign.

Here’s the discussion:

What are your thoughts? How useful are crowdsourcing and social listening at the C-level? What are the benefits and potential pitfalls? Do you have any successful crowdsourcing tales to relate?

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  1. Great show today, Mark. Glad to have you aboard.

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