Google+ Live Hangouts On Air Now Available to All

Google+ Hangouts On AirOne of Google+‘s premier features, Hangouts (live video chat for up to 9 participants) got a major upgrade a few months ago with the introduction of Hangout On Air (HOA). HOA’s can be broadcast to any number of live viewers, and are automatically recorded for posting to YouTube as permanent videos.

The only down side was that HOA’s were available only for a limited number of super users and large brands. Until today.

Google just announced that over the next few weeks they will be making HOA available to all Google+ users. Already those with access have created some amazing uses for HOA. From entire live concerts to cooking classes with a master chef to “press conferences” with the likes of President Obama and Conan, HOA’s have opened up a whole new category of Internet broadcasting.

And now that will be in the hands of anyone creative enough to use it.

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