Zemanta Enhanced Linking Plugin for WordPress

Already know what Zemanta is? Skip ahead to news about the new Enhanced Linking plugin.

If you haven’t already heard, Zemanta is one of the most powerful WordPress plugins available both for enhancing your content and increasing its SEO value.

The basic Zemanta plugin scans the content of your WordPress post as you type it and adds a number of useful auto-suggested enhancements:

1. Relevant, legal-to-use images. With one click you can add any of the images to your post. Zemanta automatically includes attribution to the original source.


Zemanta Image Suggestions

2. Related article links. Zemanta suggests articles from across the web and from your own past content. With one click you can add them as links at the end of your post (Pro Tip: Google has said that quality, relevant outgoing links are seen as a positive signal by their search algorithms.)


Zemanta Related Articles Suggesions


3. Suggested in-text links. Zemanta picks up keywords in your text and suggests high quality, relevant outgoing links. One click adds any or all of those as links to the first instance of each keyword in your post.


Zemanta suggested in-text links

New Zemanta Plugin: Enhanced Links


Zemanta has now introduced a new plugin to help you find high quality, relevant links from within WordPress’s own Insert/Edit Link dialog. The Enhanced Links Plugin adds three buttons to that dialog:


Zemanta Enhanced Links Plugin


Suggestions in each option will be triggered by either anchor text in your post you highlighted before clicking the link or edit link icons, or you can search for a term from within the dialog box. Clicking My Posts will get suggestions from past content on your own blog. Related Articles will bring up suggestions from Zemanta’s own algorithms, and Search the Web provides suggestions from Bing search.


Zemanta Enhanced Links Suggestions


Given the known SEO value of relevant outbound links, this new plugin from Zemanta will certainly enhance the SEO-friendliness of your posts. As an added bonus, your readers will come to think of you as valuable not only for the content you create yourself, but the other resources to which you lead them.

Find the plugin here.

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  1. Nice Mark! There are other tools to help content creators like myself on WordPress with tasks like this, but I’ve never heard of one that has nearly so many features in one plugin. I’m going to have-at-it right now.

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