Video: What Is Google AuthorRank?

Watch this recording of a live Google+ Hangout On Air chat featuring Virante Director of Social Media Marketing Mark Traphagen and social SEO expert AJ Kohn. The Hangout was hosted by Tim Moore of CrushIQ.

AJ and Mark discuss what Google is doing with what has come to be known as “Author Rank,” and why all web content producers need to be paying attention to it and taking steps to implement it now.

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Mark is Director of Digital Outreach for Virante Inc. Mark helps businesses build strategies to increase brand influence and attract natural links and social signals. He has a special reputation as an expert on Google+ and Google Authorship. A former teacher, Mark has worked directly in Internet marketing since 2005, but has been involved in social media and online community formation since the mid 1990s. When not helping Virante clients improve their online presence, Mark participates in competitive storytelling, plays with a Dixieland street band, and (surprise) spends more time on the web.


  1. That was a cool hangout, I wish I had been there when it was happening. I was at the webinar you did the other day on this topic, and I’m changing my online strategy based on the info I’ve learned there and by watching this. I’ve heard murmurs before and I suspected this was going on, but now I’m making some adjustments. Thanks for the really good information!

  2. Question. My pic is still not showing in results. Come on google!

    If we have many sites, with our own unique content, would it be wise or unwise to set up google authorship on each of them?

    I ask, because I have several of these sites linked to each other for stronger SEO, and don’t want to bring too much attention to Big G if it will hurt me.

  3. Interesting stuff, it seams that from now on the center of social attention at least for Google is Google Plus. I’ll try to shift from Facebook and Twitter since the real SEO benefits are already pretty obvious

  4. Rich Cederberg sent me the link to this. Great conversation. learned a-lot. Thanks Rich!


  1. [...] Google AuthorRank:  Help Google find your authoritative content by tying it to your Google+ profile and/or brand page. You’ll get that coveted Author Avatar in search results (which boosts CTR), and at some point Google says AuthorRank will affect search ranking power. [...]

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