Google Webmaster Tools Updates its SEO Report Ranking

Google Announces an Update to the way it calculates average ranking in webmaster tools reportsGoogle announced, via its Webmaster Central Blog, that it was making an update to the “Top Search Queries” data.  Beginning today, Google Webmaster Tools Top Search Query report will take the average of a site’s top URL rankings for a query versus an average of all results for a site’s URLs on a given query.  For example, if your website about gadgets showed up today as the 3rd, 7th, and 11th results on a Google search for “cool gadgets,” Webmaster Tools would take the average of 3, 7 and 11 and the report would show an average position of 7.  Starting today, Webmaster Tools will show an average position of 3 for the same query.

Of course, it will also take this average over multiple queries within a given time period but your average positions should start improving, going forward. Your historical data will not change, according to Google.

Google Webmaster Tools Updates its SEO Report Ranking by

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  1. I am a bit confused about one thing. Webmasters tools are pretty slow on updating the info about the website. While some other tools register new backlinks for my website in just a couple of days, google webmasters tools do it much later. So,I was wondering if that is the reason why google doesn’t change the position of my website in search until webmasters tools have new data?

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