Presentation: Transportation Marketing & Sales Association

I had the pleasure of being invited (again!) to a Transportation Marketing and Sales Association event.     I met some wonderful people, and hopefully imparted some wisdom regarding the importance of search engine marketing, popular search engine marketing strategies, and some of the expectations you should have for your SEM provider.

I’ve embedded a copy of the presentation below.   Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you are interested in a similar presentation for your organization.

Presentation: Transportation Marketing & Sales Association by

Jacob Bohall is the Vice President of Marketing at Virante, Inc. — a leading search marketing agency known for white-glove link development services, industry R&D, and their suite of innovative SEO tools. His 10+ years of experience in founding several start-ups, programming, SEO, and business development has made him adept at identifying practical online marketing strategies to fit a companies growth objectives and available resources.


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