Relative URLs vs. Absolute URLs – Does it matter?

problem-is-relativeOkay, so this post may come across a little rantish, but it needs to be said…. relative URLs SUCK for SEO.     I can’t even begin to count the number of times one of our crawlers gets stuck in an endless web of spidering a broken relative url that leads to 404 pages that have relative URLs…forever!

Dear Developers…  PLEASE stop using relative URLs.   I know it can makes things easier when you are building in a dev environment and pushing things to production, but ultimately it generates more work for you and creates SEO issues for your clients… oh, and using base href doesn’t solve all the issues.

Why is this so important?    First, let’s take a look at what a relative URL is: [Continue reading]

Getting a list of links when you only have a domain list


While handling business development for Remove'em, I run across a lot of different situations where a company's internal teams or outside firms have worked to help them review their backlink profiles and prepare a disavow file.   In most cases, these … [Continue reading]

Link Building Opportunity for Major Weather Websites


Just a few days ago on January 14th, a fast moving squall line moved through North Carolina producing tornadoes and significant disruption. I, like many of you, subscribe to services that text message us when there are weather alerts in the area. … [Continue reading]

Getting Highly Optimized Content from Outsourced Content Creation

Admit it - you and me and most everyone you know outsources some of their "SEO" content. It is the textual content that needs to be on pages to make sure there is enough context to a page otherwise filled with a product picture and a buy now button. … [Continue reading]

Authorshipocalypse! The Great Google Authorship Purge Has Begun

Authorship in SERPs before and after comparison

December 2013: Authorship in Search Results Gets Restricted UPDATE 21 January 2013: I have now published results of my study detailing who lost Google Authorship and why. UPDATE: While composing this post, Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land … [Continue reading]

Using Google Plus and Pinterest Together For Real Estate

Using Google+ & Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing

Google Plus & Pinterest = Marketing Dynamo! The ultimate goal of any social media strategy is to get more visitors to your website. It is a long process, but worth it because you have to take the time to grow your followers and build a … [Continue reading]

Google Penguin Hunting: An Interview with Russ Jones, CTO of Virante

Russ Jones interviewed on preventing Penguin penalties.

At Pubcon this October, John Rampton of Search Engine Journal interviewed Russ Jones, CTO of Virante, about how to Penguin-proof a website. The Google Penguin algorithm update, which has now had several updates and refreshings, primarily goes … [Continue reading]

Negative SEO and Link Removals: Interview with Virante’s Jacob Bohall

Penguin penalty link removals

By Mark Traphagen At Pubcon in Las Vegas last month, Search Engine Journal conducted a video interview with Jacob Bohall, Vice President for Marketing for Virante Inc, on the topics of negative seo and link removals for Penguin penalty … [Continue reading]

Google Plus Update Event: 18 Major Upgrades to Google+

Google Plus Updates Event live tweets

My live tweets from today's Google Plus Update live event. Google's Vic Gundotra announced 18 major upgrades to Google+, centerend around Hangouts, photos, and videos. (Go to bottom of page for a Pinterest pinnable image of these … [Continue reading]

Google Author Rank: On? Not Yet? Why I Don’t Care


Google Author Rank: The Sasquatch of SEO When it comes to the topic of Google Author Rank and whether it is a reality today, the True Believers are only slightly less fanatical than people convinced that the following are real: Sasquatch … [Continue reading]