Website Analytics

Web analytics is a critical factor in improving web based business performance. There are several categories when it comes to web analytics; here are a few of the basics:

Navigating the world of analytics can be complicated and confusing, especially if you add in all the other streams of data needed to make business decisions such as email campaigns, off-site initiatives and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to name a few. Virante is familiar with these challenges and can help your business come up with a concrete strategy of implementation, data collection and reporting that results in a reporting system that will ease the frustration of making the changes necessary to improve your online business goals and objectives.

Virante will work closely with your business to determine your specific analytical needs starting with a comprehensive question and answer session to uncover exactly what should be tracked, where it needs to be tracked and why it needs to be tracked. We will then formulate an implementation strategy to make sure that all the data is being accurately collected. At that point a reporting strategy can be created by determining who in your company needs to know what information in order to do their job more effectively and efficiently. Interpretation of the data comes next; our years of experience and comprehensive study of the analytics practice will be put to work for your business. Knowing what the data is actually telling you is where the art of analytics interpretation really comes into play. Cutting through the fluff to find the key performance indicators that will have the most impact is what this process is all about and we will help you do just that.

Virante’s analytics staff holds individual certifications in Google Analytics and strives to stay current with the latest trends and techniques for the industry though subscriptions to industry news and blogs as well as attendance of nationwide conferences and meet-ups involving web analytics.

Contact us today to discuss your analytics needs and what Virante can do for your business.