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Search engine marketing is critical to your online business’ success. Whether you have a retail, non-profit or governmental web presence there is a stream of potential new clients and visitors making billions of annual searches for the products and services your company offers.

Because of the tremendous potential for new client reach and profitability on the web, the competition for stellar search result positioning has increased logarithmically over recent years and therefore the need to hire a competent and effective search marketing firm has become a necessity. Virante has been in business since the mid-1990's helping 100's of businesses like yours achieve search engine success. With decades of combined expertise the Virante staff will guide you through the search marketing landscape, bringing your web site more qualified traffic thereby increasing your business goal conversions on the road to success and profitability.

Our search engine marketing team has garnered acclaim within the industry as innovative and effective practitioners of the craft. When having an in-house search marketing team is not cost effective, Virante will offer you an entire team of individuals dedicated to your business goals and needs.

Contact us today for a free consultation and discussion of your businesses needs and strategy options that are right for you.

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Relative URLs vs. Absolute URLs – Does it matter?

Okay, so this post may come across a little rantish, but it needs to be said…. relative URLs SUCK for SEO.     I can’t even begin to count the number of times one of our crawlers gets stuck in an endless web of spidering a broken relative url that leads to 404 pages that […]

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Getting a list of links when you only have a domain list

While handling business development for Remove’em, I run across a lot of different situations where a company’s internal teams or outside firms have worked to help them review their backlink profiles and prepare a disavow file.   In most cases, these companies have approached us because they now realize they have to actually make efforts […]

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Link Building Opportunity for Major Weather Websites

Just a few days ago on January 14th, a fast moving squall line moved through North Carolina producing tornadoes and significant disruption. I, like many of you, subscribe to services that text message us when there are weather alerts in the area. However, I didn’t have my cell phone with me at the time. I […]

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The Google Cache
Dark Patterns and the Demise of Google Authorship
I won’t waste your time with yet-another-recap of the rise and fall of Google Authorship when it has already been done so nicely by the good folks at Stone Temple Consulting. Moreover, in a promise I made to myself, I will try and remain civil and polite in my brief analysis. I will begin with […]
Google Page Quality Rating Guidelines
Following the release of a document outlining the steps for a Search Quality Evaluator in Google’s Search Quality Rating program, I thought it might be helpful to highlight some of the notable points made in the guidelines for a quality website.  Obviously, we can take away from this that we need to make best efforts […]
Holy Shit You Still Haven’t Run a Panda Survey?
You. Yeah you. Slacker. That’s right, you, the slacking piece of shit, have you really not run a Panda questionnaire on your website yet? Don’t know what a Panda questionnaire is yet? Really, OK. maybe you can claim ignorance. A Panda Questionnaire is a survey you run against your site which include the questions asked […]